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This is the shocking true story of an average American who had their identity confused with a criminal! This book will anger and outrage you that such a horrific story took place in this country! What will stun and numb you is that it could happen to you!

Jerry Eller takes you through a quagmire of denial of credit cards, due process and pursuit of happiness! The unbelievable sequence of neglect and ignorance that began in 1997 and continues to this day will shock and sicken you that such events could happen in this great country!
Jerry names the public servants, military and civilian personnel who caused such financial, mental and emotional devastation!

Read the excerpts now and ask for free copies at your local library and ask your bookstore for your hard or soft cover today! Order this amazing and true story by clicking on this tab now from Amazon.com! Available in Kindle, hard and soft cover!

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